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Tom Doyle


                       Ring of fire Press           

"Fast Forward" Interview                 

In a galaxy gone insane, only a madwoman would fight for freedom.


Eris, charismatic spy with a violent borderline personality and emotional amnesia—which means she doesn’t remember her loyalties. It allows her to pass from world to world without mental scanners detecting her long-term intentions, making her a “border crosser.”

The Asylum cabal has artificially amplified Eris’s condition so that she’ll cause interstellar chaos for the limited time she survives. When Eris discovers the Asylum’s manipulation of her, she sets out to find its hidden leaders and destroy them.

From decadent old Earth to the frontier estates of Mars, Eris hunts her first quarry, the Asylum’s architect of genocides.

But when her chase leads her out to the stars, she discovers even deadlier dangers from humanity’s past... and from her own! As she fights galaxy-spanning nightmares, Eris must also struggle to recover her own mind.

As Eris would say, “The only thing necessary for interstellar evil to triumph is for brilliant and sexy killer me ever to stop, darling.”


                                                American Craftsmen series
In modern America,  soldiers fight their way through the magical legacies of Poe and Hawthorne to destroy an undying evil.

Literary & Media Representation

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