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A family struggles with a war veteran father's PTSD. 


The Extraordinary tells his story through the words of his autistic teenage son .

Wes Scott, a teenage boy on the autism spectrum struggles to cope with the chaotic, confusing, and scary world - while his family tries to handle both living with an autistic child and his Marine father returning from Iraq, debilitated by wounds and suffering PTSD.

Harmon Becker, decorated German flying ace and classical pianist must decide between conscience and country when his courageous fiancé reveals a deadly secret she's keeping... right under the nose of the SS!

"Of Another Time and Place" is a novel of love and redemption. Two young lovers are separated by war and desperate to survive the unbelievable violence consuming their war-torn nation. It is a story of a country gone astray, mesmerized by their mad Fuehrer. 


An artist-turned-warrior and his courageous bride vow to break Hitler's spell and make a difference, even it if means dangling at end of a Nazi rope.

A worthy addition to the pantheon of beloved war novels from A "Farewell to Arms" to "All Quiet on the Western Front", Brad Schaeffer’s gripping story draws the reader into the heart  of the Second World War.


Schaeffer takes the reader deep into the conflicts that raged not only in the skies over Germany, but within the hearts of combatants and non-combatants alike who found themselves trying to maintain their humanity when all decency seemed to have abandoned the happy lives they once knew.


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