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In 1996, Pinder Lane - founded by Dick Duane and Robert Thixton - incorporated the Jay Garon-Brooke literary agency into their company.  Garon-Brooke discovered John Grisham and handled his first seven best-selling novels.

Currently PLGB’s authors include best selling writers Eric HarryNancy Friday, Richard Steinberg, Evan H. Rhodes, and David Kaufelt plus exceptional newcomers Tom Doyle, Stephen Terrell, Greg Sumner, Patrick Oster, and Larry Dunst. We are republishing incredible Regency Romances by Janet Louise Roberts, her pseudonyms Rebecca Danton and Janette Radcliffe and biographer Merle Miller.


We connect writers with the best possible publisher for their work.

Pinder Lane & Garon Brooke is a multi-faceted boutique agency focusing on property development and direct personal service to our writers with a dynamic approach to literary representation. 

Our clients are fiction and non-fiction, established or first time writers with exceptional stories to share.

With multiple bestsellers, we bring new, exciting voices to


both American and international markets. PLGB prides itself on building long-term relationships with its writers, remaining a constant in their life and work. We offer creative input and idea generation, plus development of proposals. ​

We love books   Its why we're in this business.  We recognize storytelling as the singular, amazing calling it is; our job is to provide representation.

We only take on clients in which we truly believe.  We take our work very seriously.  And we will always strive to perform​ our duties to the same high standard we expect of our writers.​


In addition to PLGB, the principals, with Pinder Lane Productions, obtain costs for celebrities, music licenses and master recording licenses, film clips, clear celebrity estates and literary properties for use in advertising world-wide and, upon client approval.  draft a detailed legal deal memo incorporating all services and uses of the talent, music, film clips or other licensing for commercials. In addition, Pinder Lane Productions produces filmed and live theatrical performances for corporate special event advertising.


Literary & Media Representation

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