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Eric L Harry

 PANDORA series

Every day, somewhere, a virus mutates, or the habitat in which it has lain dormant is disturbed, swelling the ranks of the potentially deadly. 

This is a scientifically plausible story of the Next Big One.        May God help us all. 


– Eric L. Harry

They call it the Pandoravirus 


It attacks the brain.  The infected explode in uncontrollable rage, blind to pain, empty of emotion. The infected remorselessly hunt... and they are hunted.  

Infected attack without warning and without mercy.  And their numbers spread unchecked.....  

             There is no known cure.


                     Pandora: Resistance



The world is not the same since the  Pandoravirus outbreak changed the essence of human nature. Those affected by the disease are consumed by adrenal rage. They erupt in violence with the slightest provocation. And now, infected scientist Emma Miller is forging them into an army of merciless killers marching across America.
Emma’s twin sister, neuroscientist Isabel Miller, is desperate to avert the chaos that threatens to engulf civilization. But her team has its hands full staying one step ahead of the civil unrest that’s ravaging the country. Noah Miller, the twins’ brother, thought he had created a safe haven for his family in the mountains of Virginia—until the arrival of Emma and her infected followers proved the folly of his plans.
The Millers’ conflict is just one of many sweeping the nation. A nation divided into factions. A nation on the precipice of all-out civil war . . .


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