New edition, published January, 2021

Regency Romance best-selling author


Janette Radcliffe and Rebecca Danton!

 Eric Harry's Pandora: Resistance

 It's terrifying how closely the current Coronavirus outbreak is to what is

 envisioned for Pandoravirus.

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  Of Another Time and Place

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                     PANDORA: OUTBREAK   

                     PANDORA: CONTAGION  



                                                   See OUTBREAK's Trailer
                                             Nancy Friday's gone Audible!

                                  Pat Oster's THE HACKER CHRONICLES

                                  David Kaufelt's epic FLORIDA

                                              MIDNIGHT COWBOY

                                by JAMES LEO HERLIHY


                                Brad Schaefer, Merle Miller


Past clients include  


John Grisham, Nancy Friday, James Leo Herlihy,

Richard Steinberg, Tess Gerritsen, Evan H Rhodes,

Rosemary Rogers, David A. Kaufelt, Chris Stewart,

Janet Louise Roberts, F.W. Belland...  


    Manuscripts represented range from

    Non-Fiction to Fantasy

    Sci-Fi to Romance

    Steampunk to Children's, from

    Slasher, vampires & zombies to 


                                                                        Ballroom Dance Lessons 


New York Times Best Selling author will have a new work coming out this year!

       Pandora: Outbreak!

“Like Crichton and H.G. Wells, Harry writes stories that entertain roundly while they explore questions of scientific and social import.” — Publishers Weekly

 " ...some of the most provocative reading ever published"


My Secret Garden

Forbidden Flowers 

Women on Top

The Power of Beauty/ Our

       Looks Our Lives

Jealousy and Envy    


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Of Another Time and Place cover

Of Another Time and Place by Brad Schaeffer